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[size=1.2em]E-mailer V1.19是一款基于PHP MYSQL开发的邮件订阅、邮件营销源码,支持SMTP发送,这点挺方便,支持邮件导入,同时支持多模板可选。有更多的功能还需要自己体验。


[size=1.2em]Bounced emails, if imap is enabled, management with IMAP/POP3 connection
Campaign can be stored for future sending
Change login/password to the system
Check unsubscribers by a particullar campaign
Dashboard view with basic statistics
Easy prepare new campaign
Easy to install – just upload to server, login and set up database
Enable/Disable email tracking
HTTPS support
Export emails to CSV file with params configuration
One file configuration
Possibility of adding your own components to this system – example component included
Possibility of automatic deletion of unsubscriber
Possibility of deletion of bounced emails from POP3/IMAP server
Possibility of deletion of bounced emails from recipient database
Q&A section with most popular usefull issues
Responsive layout
Run/Stop/Resume/Delete campaigns
Subscribtion widget generator for web sites with single/double opt-in option
Track emails
Unlimited mailing list
Unlimited recipients
Unlimited senders – set up senders email and description
Unlimited tags for recipients
Unsubscribe link
User friendly admin panel view

[size=1.2em]Copy files to your hosting folder
Login using default credentials
Setup database – run install.php file
Click button to create database structure (automatically process)
Go to system configuration section and change login and password

[size=1.2em]E-mailer 1.19, 2018-07-02

- added: geolocation API key support
- user feedback: geolocation not working when table prefix is different from "m" - sql query improved
- user feedback: access denied occured during login in some server configurations - CSRF token for login updated
- user feedback: email template content limited to 64KB - field changed to mediumtext for 16MB maximum length
- user feedback: php mail() sends mails with annoying text about attachment when its not enclosed - code updated
- translation updated

[size=1.2em]链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Yw99qoa9LqDqh01B5Fxenw 提取码: yuei

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